For many centuries the Castle Ravno polje has served its purpose. Many counts of relics gave him his hook, but nevertheless he stayed in his own plain and spread the estate.

Even the folk song “There on the Ravno polje” is singing about the places in the middle of the Ravno Field. The ruins of the same name remained but ruins, but the history can not be erased as it is the tourism that awakens it.

A modern tourist wants to experience, some are looking for an original party, others follow history, others want a vacation in the middle of an original nature, the fourth are culinary hedonists, and among them there are also modern nomads. Each of them can find their own corner in the Ravno polje destination.

Destination Ravno polje has opened its borders and offers tourists a lot of sports activities, culinary delights, museums with diverse themes, kindness and hospitality to the locals and returning to homeliness. The plain, surrounded by thousands of hills of Haloz, the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj, pilgrimage Ptujska Gora, picturesque Pohorje and the second largest city of Maribor, will not leave you indifferent. From our picturesque and with the experience of the interlaced area you will come for a shade different, modified.


Designer of tourist destination

Sonja Breznik