The municipality of Kidričevo is located between the forests in the south-eastern part of Dravsko polje, between Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica. It was created as a newly built industrial settlement, not far from the Aluminum Plant Talum. In recent years, the urban, modern settlement has received its soul and has revealed many undiscovered tourist pearls, where in addition to sports activities – football, fi shing, cycling and surfi ng on water, is off ering an extremely diverse home cooking experience on numerous farms, under the name »eat diff erently, eat homegrown.« Kidričevo is a special phenomenon of a new-age place, that is situated in a historically rich cultural landscape, and off ers visits to numerous churches, museum collections, historical trails and castle Sternthal.


Down there, on the shimmering fields of Ravno polje … is the home of hospitality and pleasantness.