The municipality of Starše lies in the central part of Dravsko polje, on a wide plain that is rich in cultural and historical heritage, as evidenced by many beautifully preserved churches, chapels, tombs and sacral monuments. A number of active options are available to the modern tourist here. There is the Regional Park Drava, which comprises the area along the river Drava and runs between cities Maribor and Ptuj. Love goes through the stomach also in the municipality of Starše, since the tables are enriched by their local suppliers with their special delicacies. Discover their fine tastes in local meats, oils, honey, bread and other goodness, or visit one of the traditional annual events such as:
the cut of the descendants of the oldest vine, Easter Market, pumpkin fest – Bučijada, asparagus festival – Špargljijada, Greetings to autumn, cycling trim – Baron Tourism and Women’s Run in Prepolje.

Municipality of Starše

“Starše – a place you simply must visit!”